Welcome to SHATTERED!

Awakening to find themselves in a life apparently already in progress, our heroes find themselves without so much as a single personal memory to themselves.

They can recall facts and figures, retain their command over languages, and their skills (combat and non-combat) seem intact. Still, there are no memories associated with any of these things. Where did they learn what they know? Who taught them? A family member? A kindly master? A cruel taskmaster? Do they have family or loved ones out there? Do they have enemies that may be, even now, hunting them?

For that matter, who were they? What have they been doing with their lives? For that matter, what did they do yesterday? Were they “good” people? Had they been charitable or cruel? Are they orphans? Royalty? Wanted killers?

Perhaps most importantly, what has happened to them?

Who would you become if you didn’t know who you had been?


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